Working with Exodus Elite has been one of the most fun projects I've been a part of. Exodus Elite exists as a "non-profit organization seeking to change lives for disabled veterans and their families." I met the founder Tim, who expressed his passion for training service dogs to help veterans adjust to life back home. The ultimate goal of Exodus Elite is to build a retreat outside of Boise, for veterans and their families to adjust to life with a service dog. "A service dog is a specially trained, long-term companion that can empower a disabled veteran to live more fully. Exodus Elite founder Tim Young is an experienced trainer who has trained others’ service dogs and his own Great Dane, Brutis, who is an indispensable aid for him in coping with physical pain, PTSD, and depression." 


Please check out the Exodus Elite website and become part of the movement!


I have a few iterations of the logo for Exodus Elite. The first has been used for business cards and banners, the second was used for their site, and the third has been copyrighted for use down the road.